Review of Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery

Review of Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery

keithlutz Jan 25, 2019

First arriving on PCs in 2010, Star Trek Online is one of the purest distillations of the series currently available in an online, multiplayer format.

Continuously updated with new content, Star Trek Online is also evolving with its player base and even welcoming newcomers alike.

The latest season, the Age of Discovery, is being delivered in three parts and should offer seasoned veterans a ton of good stuff to sink their teeth into over 2018 and 2019.

Of course, you’ll want to know whether or not it is worth your time and for that answer you have come to the right place.

In this article you’ll learn a bit about what the Age of Discovery is delivering in terms of new content as well as what it will change in terms of in-game mechanics.

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Age of Discovery began for PC players back in October of 2018 and the first parts started rolling out for console gamers in November of that same year. This update draws upon the Star Trek: Discovery series for lore and includes a new Discovery-era Starfleet faction. Along with this comes a new tutorial that features the characters from 2256 including Sylvia Tilly.

Aside from changes to factions the Age of Discovery also adds a new tier to reputations which included optimized reputation traits, set weapon damage, and cosmetic zone social ability. Once players hit tier 5 rep, the benefits become account wide instead of character specific.

When players achieve tier 6 rep they can access perks like account-wide discounts for reputation gear projects, alternative energies for set weapons, different vanity shield visuals, and a Fleet Ship Module and Respec token.

Review of Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery

Earn discounts when achieving higher level tiers.

To accompany this is the daily Personal Endeavors system which offers daily tasks for account-wide perks and bonuses.

Probably the single biggest change to the gameplay experience is the replacement of the queue system with Task Force Operations - and it is a change that players will love.

If you didn’t think you got enough player versus environment or player versus player events before, wait until you experience this change. And not only do you get rewards for participating in Task Force Operation events but also you get extra rewards for doing random Task Force Operations.

Best of all is that there is absolutely zero cooldown time between Task Force Operations. As soon as you finish one you can start another. People who complained that there wasn’t enough action before don’t have much grounds for argument now.


Enjoy the upgraded gameplay of Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery.

Four new episodes and a bevy of new vehicles round out the Age of Discoveries new additions. Parem Pacem, Illusion of Communication, Secrets, and Downfall are the new episodes while players can now purchase through the various in-game stores. These include a new Malachowski Light Cruiser and a Fek’Ihri S’torr Warship, among others.

Overall this is a solid expansion and we’re not even halfway through the new Age of Discovery content. The addition of dailies and Task Force Operations, as well as the much needed optimizations to the UI, make Age of Discovery a great update for longtime fans.


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