The Division 2

The Division 2

El Gamer Cosplayer Apr 18, 2019

Game: The Division 2

Genre: 3rd Person Shooter

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: March 15, 2019


Ubisoft's new Tom Clancy's title is the sequel to its successful cover based shooter from 2016. Taking place 7 months later, the Division Agent is called to help Washington DC and restore the government in a nation filled with chaos.

Gameplay – 8.3

The gameplay is the same as in the first game. You control a special agent that can carry 2 main guns and a handgun, and all missions are basically getting into an area and shoot all the bad buys until they drop dead.

Most shootouts are in an urban environment with lots of barriers where you can take cover. You can peek and shoot, actually aiming at your rival, or you can just stick out your gun and shoot blindly without exposing yourself to enemy fire.

Most shootouts take place in urban environments.

While this game takes a realistic approach to the genre (it isn't Gears of War) enemies can take A LOT of bullets until they kick the bucket. Especially the heavily armored gang leaders and most wanted criminals.

As you level up, you unlock new abilities and tech so you're able to take on tougher rioters and gang members, and as you secure areas on Manhattan, you'll get the help of civilians and other agents that can boost your arsenal and equipment.

Graphics – 8.9

For an open world game, The Division 2 looks pretty good, and while up close the models aren't as detailed, the particle effects in the action scenes are a feast ot the eyes.

If you play the PC version on Ultra Settings, you can notice reflections on bodies of water and metallic objects, and the way the sunlight passes through tree's leaves is amazing. Some character animations look a little strange, like how a thug reacts when you spray bullets with a heavy machine gun up close to him, but overall you won't really complain about a few unrealistic movements you'll see.

Some scenes are amazing while others are quite strange.

Story / Presentation – 8.5

Many games have a post-apocalyptic setting, but most have a little sci-fi inspiration, and zombie theme titles are very cliché today. The Division 2 takes place 7 months after an outbreak, and it does tries to represent how America would look like after a virus crisis. Also, you can see nature already claiming the city, with deer walking the streets, and there are plenty of details like raccoons getting out of trash cans, rats entering manholes, wild plants growing everywhere and dogs looking for food.

Audio – 7.9

Music isn't really memorable, but the guns’ sound effects are very well done, considering the variety of weapons you'll hear. The NPC voice acting is just OK, but some of the main characters you'll listen to can get pretty emotional. Overall it feels like a good military movie in the cut-scenes, and as you'd expect from an open world game where hearing the less important characters.

Sound effects and voice acting are worthy of praise.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed the first game, this one is better. And while the cover based shooting can become repetitive in some games, the variety in scenarios here will keep the game fresh enough in each mission, so you'd want to go to the next place everything in order to save your country.

Judgment – 8.5

Either taking on missions Solo or with friends online, The Division 2 is definitely recommendable for fans of the genre. This cover based shooter will have you busy for quite some time.


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