5 Fun Builds in PoE

5 Fun Builds in PoE

Unseen Jan 17, 2019

First of all, it is up to you, the reader to decide what builds are fun to make and build in Path Of Exile but here is a list of 5 builds I find entertaining:

1. Essence Drain with Contagion

This AoE build is so good, that you don't even see what you kill. Once you cast the spell, contagion alone kills almost any normal mob with their entire family. If somehow they survive, they will have a long and painful death since contagion deals damage over time. You may ask now, what are you going to do at boss fights? The answer is simple, you cast essence drain. Not only essence drain deals a lot of damage over time, but its effect spreads with contagion.

5 Fun Builds in PoE

This is a Cyclone build.

2. Cyclone

Have you ever played Garen with crit in League of Legends? No, then do you know that a Beyblade is? If the answer is still no, they just imagine a blender shredding everything; a tanky blender to be exact.

3. Flicker Strike

If you love teleporting, then this build is just for you. Normally you have a cool-down on every spell, but if you have a power charge, the sleep is going to consume that charge and reset its cool-down. Briefly, as long as you have a frenzy charge, you can just teleport to an enemy and deal damage to it. Combine this interaction with multistrike crit and some AoE and you have an insane build which is so fun to play. The only downside to this whole teleportation thing is that you have no control over which enemy you go to, as such it is very easy to lose track of your position.

5 Fun Builds in PoE

The Righteous Fire build for those who love HP.

4. Righteous Fire

This build is made for masochists and for people who love having lots of HP and health regen. You deal fire damage in a circle based on how much hp you have, but there is a catch, you also take 90% of the damage dealt to enemies as fire damage. This damage can be minimized with having a lot of fire resistance and health regen. Although this is a cool build, It is not beginner friendly, since you will not be using righteous fire as your spell before level 40 because you will literally burn under your own damage. Also, this build uses Kaom's heart and boots which are not that cheap as other items.

5 Fun Builds in PoE

Spectral Trow build for those who enjoy creating damage.

5. Spectral Trow

Personally, this is my favorite build. In the end, when you finish building this, you will be throwing four boomerangs that deal damage every time they hit someone multiple times a second. Also, this build is beginner friendly. As long as you follow the guide to this build correctly and have the items you need you will have no problems on the way to maps.

In PoE, there are many combinations of cool spells, but in my experience, these are the ones I enjoy making the most. Have fun and good luck building your adventure!

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