Why Play Trove?

Why Play Trove?

keithlutz Mar 11, 2019

Released by Trion Worlds in 2015, Trove is a voxel-based online multiplayer game with elements of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and a presentation as well as gameplay style that seems borrowed from the Story Mode of Mojang’s popular game, Minecraft.

Developed from the ground up to emphasize multiplayer combat, exploration, and question, Trove might turn some people off who are looking for the Swedish builder’s creative mode and solitary experience.

But what it does offer in terms of content, progression, loot, and depth of gameplay mechanics makes Trove its own thing and that merits a serious look from not only fans of MMORPGs but also gamers who enjoy first-person shooters and other game types.

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That’s because Trove does copy one critical element that makes Minecraft such a success, and that is its open-ended approach to gameplay.

Giving players an almost unlimited sandbox within which to experiment makes Trove one of those unique games that lets you make your own fun at your own pace.

To be sure, there is a specific path of progression and there are even leveled zones that are off-limits to low-tier toons.

The open-ended approach to gameplay is similar to that of Minecraft.

These zones are accessed through portals and, like the WoW realms they mirror, offer steadily increasing difficulty levels but also improved loot and more experience as you move up the ladder.

On that note, loot itself also has quality levels denoted by color and players can see which realms house what kinds of loot most commonly by checking out what shade of loot is store inside.

Trove does have an extensive class system. Yet, it is so large that it almost mocks the concept of a class system entirely. Needless to say, players should find plenty of options here from Tomb Raiders to Neon Ninjas to Gunslingers and Knights.

On top of that are professions which are somewhat like WoW’s crafting. You have gardening, ring crafting, and rune crafting but Trion constantly updates the game (a la Blizzard) so you can expect things to change up as the game ages.

Trion constantly updates the game, so expect updates!

Aside from the interactive questing and social element that Trove is based upon, the game also has a remarkably robust system that can accommodate many different gameplay styles and types.

This will probably be the real attraction to Trove for most gamers as it truly stands apart from Minecraft and other voxel games based on its variety of game modes.

Trove even has a battle royale mode called Bomber Royale. Aside from that you have traditional death matches and capture the flag.

All part of the new player-versus-player Battle Arena, Trove’s ability to fuse different gameplay types into one collected package is nothing something to sneeze at if you’re the competition.

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Aside from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, few games offer this level of choice and quality of options when it comes to what you do in it.

If you’re a new player looking to get into Trove what is the single best thing that the game has to offer you?

It’s easy to get started and it doesn’t punish you for being a new player. Many MMORPGs and established online communities can feel daunting to outsiders, but Trove does an excellent job at managing and juggling various levels of players with different types of content that keeps your experience fun and engaging no matter where you are in the game.


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